Flower Towers

The sustainable florist's dream structure for creating large, impactful foam-free floral installations

Why you need these in your life:

1. No more desperate trips to the hardware store to find a crazy mix of umbrella stands, cable ties and wooden planks to engineer a structure

2. Your setup time will be cut in half. Literally just put them on a trolley, wheel to the installation location and set them down. Voila!

3. Less stress. You cannot put a price on that feeling of confidence. Knowing your structure isn't going to fall apart halfway through an event. #bliss

You + Flower Towers = everything you need for the lushest of floral installations

Adjustable Height

Your Flower Towers can be broken down or built up into 3 different heights to allow for a wide range of installation shapes and different uses. The Towers can be utilised to create SO many floral installation backdrops, sign features, ground arbors, entrance florals, ceremony pillars, unstructured designs and more!

3 Dimensional

The triangular prism (thankyou grade 4 geometry) shape of this design allows you to feed through branches, chicken wire bundles and buckets to allow a much more dynamic design.
Instead of attempting to create delicious depth on a flat, solid pole, you can easily angle your stems in all directions and work on all 3 sides and angles of your Flower Tower.

Sturdy as heck

Us florists are often designing out in the elements; wind, rain, clifftops and uneven grass.
This is why we need to work on a structure that is not only weighted (our bases are over 10kg), has the space to add even more weight (we made the base plate slim for aesthetics but large enough for sandbags or rocks) AND have the option to peg into the ground (pegs holes built in!)

That's 3 different ways to say "this is not going to fall on top of my couple during their vows"


Re-usable, foam free mechanics we use to design our flower towers. Zero... 

Love notes

Absolutely love the flower towers Ash has created for our floral community. They've made creating on them much easier than the stands we used to use prior. We've found designing onto them can take less product than before but also hold much more as they are so strong. We have the adjustable set and this has been so handy to create an asymmetrical look. We've also used the top of the stand as a 3rd stand feature in a ceremony set up. The holes for ground pegs are so helpful and along with an additional sandbag they remained standing strong and upright whilst battering the most brutal winds recently. Highly recommend adding these to your collection. I've lost count of how many times we've used them!

- Wild Flos

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the Flower Towers made?

We manufacture every Flower Tower ourselves In my Dad's workshop near Newcastle, NSW Australia

What are the Flower Towers made of?

They are created with steel, welded together and then powder coated for a slick finish in your colour of choice

What colours can I choose from?

We offer a Charcoal, Snow, Forest and Sand colour range but you are so welcome to request a custom colour - send me an email via our contact page and we can discuss the colour ranges available

How long will it take for my Flower Towers to arrive?

Each tower is custom made to order and takes around 1 month on average plus shipping time.
Make sure you get your order in time to use your Towers are your next event!

How long will they last?

The Towers are quite sturdy and will last for many years! They might recieve some scratches in the paint over time but could easily be patched up with some spray paint.

Are the Flower Towers ideal for windy days or uneven ground?

We have designed the structures intentionally with a heavy base to help keep them upright in wild weather. As well as that there are peg holes in the corner of each base for pegging into the ground. We also recommend weights or rocks to further stabilise your structures if you are concerned about heavy winds

Can I make custom requests for arbor shapes?

Absolutely! Send us an email at info@wildfloweracademy.co

Can I get my Towers Shipped?

Absolutely! We can ship Australia wide (international shipping is coming soon).
Select the shipping option and your location when you order your Towers